Product Reviews

Mini KitchenAid Food Processor:

Due to the lack of kitchen space in my tiny apartment, I’m always on the lookout for mini kitchen appliances. Unfortunately, my history with these mini products haven’t been so successful. Take my mini blender for example, which constantly threw fits and smelled like burning plastic when it was in use. However, I’ve always trusted KitchenAid appliances, and my judgment didn’t fail me this time!

Price: $39.99 at Target

Pros: Blends, chops, minces in seconds. No burning plastic smell! (yay). Also takes up very little space.
Cons: It is quite small (4 cups) and isn’t probably be the best processor if you’re looking to make huge batches of anything.

Honey Bunny Honey:

Honey Bunny!!

I have no idea why the concept of “creamed honey” appealed to me at the store. Perhaps it was the not-so-cute bunny that was lookin’ me in the eye. Or the way the honey was packaged. In a pouch. Like Capri Sun. Yes, I realize I am no different than the 5 year old screaming for the colorful box of Trix in the cereal aisle.

So how did this taste? Well…like honey. The texture was definitely creamier, but was it worth the $6.99? Maybe. I must admit I did become a bit of a honey snob after working on the bee farm in Florence, allowing myself to splurge a bit on the higher quality stuff.

Benefits of honey? Yes, it’s a ‘natural’ form of sugar, but sorry guys, sugar is sugar. However, it does help sooth a sore throat, and it’s sweeter than granulated sugar, so you can probably use less for the same sweet taste.

Also tastes damn good in yogurt and tea..

Bfast on the porch ;)


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  1. MappedbyJenn says:

    I like the product reviews section. More please!

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