My Story

For much of my life, the relationship I had with food was like a roller coaster; sometimes I viewed it as my best friend, loving how it gave me so much comfort. Other times, I’d view it as my worst enemy, hating how the comfort sometimes turned into overindulgence. Even when I started on my path to becoming a Dietitian, I still struggled to find a balance with food. I aimed to achieve a perfect diet. Sugar? Nope. Fats? Limited. Load on the fiber, veggies and fruits. Not to say that was a bad thing, but meals turned boring, and I felt deprived of my guilty pleasures. It was not until last year, my Junior year of college, did I finally realize there is no magic formula for eating. Food is there to nourish the body, giving it energy, nutrients, and yes sometimes even psychological comfort. The secret is quite simple, really. Listen to your body, eat real food, and start a relationship with the millions of other things this beautiful world has to offer, rather than what’s on the plate in front of you.


One Response to My Story

  1. MappedbyJenn says:

    Well put :) Simple, good advice.

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