Foodie Adventures

Funk N’ Waffles

Yes, my eyes really do widen and glow when I hear the name “Funk N’ Waffles”. Although it’s in a hole-in-the-wall location, it’s a local gem of Syracuse, and is not a place worth passing up.  Funk N’ Waffles offers both savory and sweet waffles, as well as a pretty good variety of sandwiches and delicious beverages. My office had a luncheon today and we (more like I) decided we should go for waffles. Everyone ended up gobbling their lunch up before I got a chance to take more pics. But a little peak into what they offer:

Vegan Strawberry Waffle

Brownie Waffle with Melting Vanilla Ice Cream (oops)

Monte Cristo on Buckwheat

Assortment of teas!! mmm..


One Response to Foodie Adventures

  1. Brian Norris says:

    I love your write ups and your photos dear one! You are doing very well with a blog. I look forward to reading your adventures. :) Keep up the good work! :)

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