Vegan Chocolate Chip Scones

I have never purposely cooked a vegan meal or dish for anyone, myself included. And by “purposely”, I mean that I have never intentionally went into a grocery store seeking vegan ingredients to prepare for dinner that night. My excuse: I am always intimidated by the price of certain vegan foods. The truth: I am too lazy to look up vegan recipes.

So when my two good friends Brian & Kristina invited me over to their place for dinner and I promised to bring dessert, I was excited yet caught in a situation where I had no idea exactly what type of dessert to make. Kristina has been vegan for a while now, so I was certain her vegan cooking skills were quite a bit better than mine. I ended up making simple chocolate covered strawberries, which we all enjoyed after Kristina’s lovely pasta dish.

After a few hours of lounging around and consuming almost all of the chocolate strawberries, Kristina sent me home with a book, a recipe for vegan chocolate chip scones, a box of Ener-G egg substitute, and the promise that these scones were easy to make and absolutely delicious.

Two days later, I was on the mission to make the best tasting vegan scones ever. The result? I made the best tasting vegan scones ever. (Although this statement might be a bit unfair…considering they were the first vegan scones I’ve ever eaten). But you get the point.Since I don’t have permission from the book ‘The Joy of Vegan Baking’ to reprint the recipe, I will entertain you with only pictures today.

The ingredients!

Mixing the dry and wet ingredients together: key is to make sure you do not over-mix. Over mixing will develop more gluten, which won’t produce the flakiness that we want in a scone.

Crumbly mixed ingredients!

Out of the oven!

(Almost) into my mouth!

 Thanks again Kristina for the great recipe!

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